Corn, Do You Want To Be An Official Blogger On My Blog?

Hey Corn,

Cloe here.

Do you want to be an official blogger on my blog?

I want to have six bloggers on my blog . . .

Well, it used to be but since Dttat is kicked off with

Some inappropriate behaviors, I think you are a great blogger and

A really nice guy!!! Also, you used to be a guest blogger on my blog

So Yeah, I didn’t remove you from the blog, so just comment below and post

Anytime you want on my blog . . .



Want to be in my blog

hey there Athletes Would you like to be in My Blog Please comment below I am trying to get lots of people on this blog 

So if you want to just comment blog anybody ” I Don’t Care If you Hack ” Everybody is welcome this blog ” so just comment

below this is what you need to have and not do!

* Need to have a wordpress

* No Cussing

* Tell me your Word press username or Email

* Need an action Allstars Account

* Need to be older then 6 Years old

* Need to know how to give out tokens

* I will need to know you good  and you have to add me


Thats All so if you want to be in the blog just comment below

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