OMG!!! Breaking NEWS Guys!!!!

Hey Guys,

Today I logged in to Action Allstars!

Guess What They Say? They say they are retiring!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! If you don’t believe it, Here’s a proof!

This Is Nuts!!! That’s why they give up everything like the chat, MLB Store, and more!!!

This Is going crazy!!! I’m quiting Action Allstars!!! 😦 But I will still be on blogs!!! :d

What Do You Guys Think About This?


Im Quiting

hey guys,

I am going to quit action allstars since of the Safe Chatted thing and puc is my best friend

he’s awesome but life on action allstars is gay now i will sometimes get on to check on stuff and puc

get on sometimes on quick hit i’ll post when i on quick hit and you get on I will also miss all of my friends here’s a list of people













Corn & Coolboy1000


If i didn’t put your name up i probably havn’t seen you in forever or forgot

sorry if i did thanks for being good friends to me you guys are

amazing people I wish action allstars didn’t do that or i would’ve stayed i might come on sometimes but barely if you always wanted

to be friends with me sorry if i couldn’t add but its too late and i’m going to keep shak because i don’t want somebody to take my

name and steal my identity but i am going to give shak to nobody i will share with ya puc since you been the best person on aas

all i want to say is you guys helped me on this game and i’m out i will visit in my Birthday or in Summer break to see what’s going on

i’ll stay if the Safe Chat is gone and here is a picture of me with my last words on action allstars i will never forget you guys! bye

Nice knowing you all

Arshak13 OUT!

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