New Gear And My New Glitch

Hey guys,

Today I Was looking thru my Cuztimizer and i saw this weird thing…

and then i saw its a Team Whistles Shirt, Team Whistles Turf,

And  a Team Whistles hat i got so happy. Here’s a picture of that

here you go  I bet yoyo  is kinda Jealous and he wants to freaken Hack me but you cant brah brah.

ok and this week’s New News

with a Live SnapShot in Tuesday 7:45 PM Pacific time Fresno,CA West Austin Way 4647 That’s a picture of my House!

hehe  Here

And here’s this Week’s News 

Page #2 

Page #3 

Page #4

Page #5

Page #6

Page #7

Page #8



Thank you That’s all for me today!
Arshak13 Signing Out!

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