guess the athletes

hey athletes dttat here again with guess the athletes here is our first one i will give u one hint for every one

 this athlete was on quite a few blogs including action allstars rating news and action allstars best and a few others anyway here is our next athlete

 this one had his own blog and is popular he has bloggers like abby na na and cool on there last one is

 and this athlete considers himself cool anyway that is all from here peace from dttat


4 Bloggers Left


I Made my blog to 4 people I think i Might invite cloe to my blog so i’ll ask him then

Ill make the Header better then it is thank you guys for posting lots and lots

and thats all i guess peace out.

Arshak13 Signing out!

Motorcycle League

hey athletes dttat here sorry i havent posted in a while anyway what im here for is the Action Allstars Motorcycle League for everybody i need some volunteers if ur NOT a motorcycle racer then u can be pit crew a track turf or u can be a annoucer or anything u want here is the schedule it starts on saturday there will be too races too divisions one for the west side and one for the east side and in the end we will have a race at the end of the year with a west and east winners of their own divisons and will go one on one for the AAML championship it is gonna be a great year here is the schedule i already made there are 2 races for east 2 races for west:

Saturday March, 17 saint patrick’s day lol wont pinch ya for not wearing green

west side: 11 am et and 3 pm  et

east side: 1o am  et and 2 pm  et

Saturday March 24

west side: 12 pm et and 4 pm et

east side: 11 am et and 3 pm  et

Saturday March,31

west side: 1 pm et 5 pm  et

east side: 12 pm et and 4 pm  et

that’s the motorcycle scehdule week 1 is at my turf week 2 maybe chaddydog17’s turf and last one i have no idea anyway thats all peace from dttat 🙂 im awesome and you know it………………..

Heres my New GAme!

Heres my second game  i made and i got a third one try it their pretty cool!!!!

<a href=”″><img alt=”Tu_95180″ src=”; /><br/>TU-95<br/>Click here to play this game</a> and <a href=””><img alt=”Earn to die-y8″ src=” to Die-y8.gif?1325774752″ /><br/>Earn to Die<br/>Click here to play this game</a>

My Own Game!!! or <video type=”sploder”>d002l4ei</video>

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