NBA Headlines

The Miami Heat has defeated the Indiana Pacers to make the series 3-2, Although

they won’t see the Birdman in game 6 following the scuffle with Tyler Hansbrough.

In other news Terrence Williams was arrested by police in Seattle while

dropping his son off at the mother’s house.

Kevin Garnett reportedly going to stay in Boston for another year instead going into


Mooky Blaylock was seriously injured in a Car accident and now is on life support…

Well that’s all for now Sports Fans..! Stay TuneArshak13 Signing out!


*Dunk Contest Results*

Hey Athletes or Fans,

Terrence Ross has beaten Jeremy Evans by Jumping over a Boy which the Boy was the son of the Owner of Twitter…

Suprising Right? Terrence Ross got 58% of the Voters and Jeremy White got only 42% I was going for Terrence Ross because he is Athletic plays on my

second Favorite team and he is on the East…

Well tomorrow Make sure to tune in to the Allstar Game I will make sure to put a LINK to the stream on the Stream page right above here’s a Pic!Up Here

Haha make sure to check out KG…

Now onto Trade Rumors:

I am hearing rumors that Lakers and Celtics have met together about Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard and maybe Kevin Garnett

If Celtics trade KG they will hit a huge speed bump and wont even make it to the Playoffs in my prediction

The Rest of All Star Saturday:

Team Bosh beat Team Westbrook which was very suprising and should of turned out Team Westbrooks way but it didn’t, Damien Lillard is not only

gonna be Rookie of the year but also Best Skills Challenge winner, Also this was a real Entertaining Matchup!

Kyrie Irving VS. Matt Bonner at the 3 Point Contest Matt Bonner had 19 Three’s in the first round and Kyrie had only 18… BUT!

Kyrie Made 23 of 30 Three Pointers to win over Matt Bonner which had only 20 Well thats all!

Thanks for reading 😀

Terrence Ross

20,000 Viewers!

Hellloooo Just when I came on to Blog I Accidentally went to far down and saw that we just earned 20,000 Viewers Here look…

20,000 ViewersThis means alot to me because its my first ever blog and I did alot on this blog Becuase I started this blog 2 years and 3 Months ago Im not Kidding heres Proof.

Aye Aye CC:Anyways the start of the Blog started out with Me, Coolboy1000, Durant, Puc, JR, Ummm I forgot the rest Thanks for wasting a couple Minutes reading this.



Celtics win 6th straight.

Hello NBA Fans…

Celtics have now won their 6th Straight Game this time VS. the LA Lakers

which brought lots of attention to this game and It was Nationally Televised so the Celtics can prove what they really can do.

The Game’s score was 95-116 Celtics.

But Remember last time we had a 6 game winning streak we ended up losing 6 straight after but this time I hope we dont lose 6th straight and get a win against

a team like the Denver Nuggets on Monday Night.

We are only 3 games away from 4th and 3rd Place in the Conference we just need the Bulls to lose tonight against the Jazz and the Nets to lose

to the Washington Wizards lets hope it Happens so we can come closer! Thats all for today from me Peaceeeeeee!

Amazing Game Heat-Celtics

Hello NBA Fans…

There are many news in the NBA,

One of them is Heat-Celtics and Ray Allen returning to Boston! Ray Allen scored 21 Points but that couldn’t help them win this Incredible Game…

The Sad thing is, is that Rajon Rondo (Best PG In the NBA) torned his ACL and Is out of the rest of the season, many say that Celtics should trade Garnett and Pierce but in my

Opinion without Rondo we are better team…

We beat Miami without him and Knicks we are still Championship Contenders and Can play just like the Chicago Bulls are playing without Rose.

Though we beat Miami I still Don’t Wanna play them in the Playoffs Im Fine if we play Pacers, Hawks, or Bucks in the Playoffs just not the Heat and Knicks we need to Knock

off the Easy teams then start getting Wins like we did last year.

shakgotswaq Signing out ! 😀



Hey Athletes,

I was so Suprised many of you guys hate Shaq I thought you guys were gonna start to mess with me and stuff

I was just posting that because I thought how badly we got treated By ROAA They started to COPY SOME STUFF FROM US

and then they said we were Copying them, Thank you for Supporting. So I’m just going to show you a little picture of me and

Seeyaswagg me and Him are like Popular on it. I Rather Play woozworld still then going to that stupid Sportstopia Game that will

Come out soon. The Game’s name sounds such a little girl Game So here’s the Picture I’m on the Left See ya is on Da Right…

Pretty Cool game? Right You can’t get Bann and stuff! Here’s another photo if marc with us

Haha and this video is a Tribute to Ray Allen Even though you struggled  You will be a Celtic FOREVER!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

First of all, I wanna say Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!! 😉

Second of all, I wanna give you guys some history of it. Ok, Here it goes:

Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a holiday in the U.S. celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Indepence on July 4th, 1776, declaring the independence from the British!

Also, it was adopted it by the Continental Congress!!!

Here are a list of the celebration they do: fireworks, family reunions, concerts, barbecues, picnics, parades, and baseball games!!! (Woo-Hoo!!!)

My family and I just did a BBQ, and we are going to watch fireworks at night!!!

What are you going to do? :mrgreen:

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