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Sup Athletes, Decided to talk a little technology so here we go,

Since media and peer pressure has warped peoples minds into thinking that the mainstream products are “better”. The truth is, these mainstream products are not even good as everyone say, and they even cost more! Everything in this thread are FACTS. Not random, senseless opinions with no proof to prove it.


First up-Beats by Dr. Dre. Recently, these headphones have became very popular. I guess because “they look cool”? Not even damn sure. But truth is, they are no better than any other headphones, and they are VERY overpriced. I personally have Audio Technica M50’s. I got mine for $80. Beats are hovering at about $200 for a pair.






Apple computers vs Windows computers-


• It is a lot more expensive than PC.
• Software and hardware change every six months. The life span of a computer is 2 years and shortening. After 3 years it is completely obsolete and barely runs properly. You’ll have to budget a few grand for a computer every two years.
• You can’t replace parts off the shelves. Except the ram everything is locked and needs the assistance of MAC “geniuses” which cost an awful lot of money.
• You can’t build a Mac easily, and you can’t really customize them, either — not unless you want to invalidate your warranty.
• A lot of utilities plugins are not existent on mac. This has changed a lot the last two years towards the mac side and lot of the mainstream applications are cross platform. Regardless, developers are still writing for the windows side more often.
• Mac’s are not good for gaming. Few titles are supported by mac but it is still relatively limited compared to PC.
• Running windows on a server environment is ten times easier. Windows provide a full kit to run multiple machines on a server. Mac’s are way harder to set up.




Is it really worth it to pay 1,000 more (OVER twice) for the Mac when the Windows is BETTER?!?




IOS vs Android


IOS is actually VERY limited to what it can do. Theres little to no ability to customize your device with IOS. The only way to be able to customize your IOS device more, is to jailbreak it, which in turn, voids the warranty of the device completely. iPhone specs nearly match the specs of other phones, so theres no problem with that. And all smartphones including iPhone are expensive as fuck, so I can’t really say anything about that either. Although iPhones are extremely shitty quality, and break VERY easily. People actually dedicate their lives to creating a business solely to fixing them…







Reasons why apple is a shitty company:


Apply actually FORCES you to buy their products. They make every charger for iPhone/iPod custom so you have to buy from them. 90% of all other phones use the exact same charging cord. A MicroUSB. Not Apple though. And guess what? With the new iOS, this note pops up on screen when you use a non-apple charger: “This is not an authorized Apple product and may not be reliable.” As a result, you might have to splurge for Apple’s original (and more costly) chargers.




Jack’s Grave on WW

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

I recently created a grave on WW (WoozWorld) for… Jack…

Check it out if you play WW, and please vote it up.

I would like everyone to wear Purple.

If you don’t have any purple items, you may wear black, blue & yellow.

The reason why I want you guys to wear purple is because purple means good judgement, positive, and peace.

I really hope you guys will come.

The title of the unit is Jack’s Grave, look in at my profile to access to the unit.

Also, vote the unit if you think bullying should stop.

It’s fine if you just give one vote. It’s better than nothing.

Peace out & Stay Purple Everyone,


Bullying, Not Cool

Cloe here.

My brother Jack died today. He got bullied and he… killed himself…

Sometimes you will never know what you have until it’s gone… Forever and ever…

I saw him… Hanged himself up… In front of me… 😦 😦 😦

The kids in school call him names and text him messages and said mean stuff to him…

But he didn’t tell me or my dad & mom… He chose to hide it and afford it by himself…

I miss you, Jack. I always will… You will always be remembered in my heart, forever it stays.

Today, I’m not just here to say the story about my brother.

I’m here to talk about bullying…

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

I used to be bullied in pre-school. The kids were teasing me because I’m not white and I’m Chinese… Sometimes you might not mean bullying others, but lots of times you might really hurt that person you just called ASS HOE today.

A bully is a person who

-has never learnt to accept responsibility for their behavior.
-wants to enjoy the benefits of living in the adult world, but who is unable and unwilling to accept
the responsibilities that are a prerequisite for being part of the adult world.
-abdicates and denies responsibility for their behaviour and its consequences (abdication and denial are common features of bullying)
-is unable and unwilling to recognise the effect of their behaviour on others
-does not want to know of any other way of behaving
-is unwilling to recognise that there could be better ways of behaving.

God bless,


Ima quit WW…

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

I’m just here to say ima quit WW… I bet if I quit no one will care about it.

It’s just gets really boring on that, and just a waste of time in life.

I bet I can do better things instead of going on WW.

I might change my mind, but most likely not.

Goodbye people, eventhough I will still be postin and stuff.


WoozWorld New Hack in Progress

Hello Woozens & Athletes!

Ok These are the Following rules!

1. Go to your Movez section

2. Press any Move

3. Press the Manni Only when the manni is Open or in place where you can get to

4. Then Boom you got the Manni From Distance…

Here’s a Pic!


And this in meh Sexi Cloths rofl

BTW That is dalt there…

Peace and 


Sneak Peak Time

Hey Guys, Cloe, the movie director here!

Did you guys like the trailer? Well, I do. (LOL!)

Anyways, today I’m here to do a sneak peak on the movie.

Basically, what this movie is about is two girls (Abby & Best) went to a party and they met a boy (Marc.) They both fell in love with Marc, but Marc chose Abby.

Then, one day, Marc cheated on Abby with a girl (Best.) but Abby and Best don’t know that. Until one day, Abby asked Best, “Who’s your boyfriend?” then Best replied and said Marc is her boyfriend. That’s where the fight all started . . .

This movies pretty unpredictable, the end will be very surprising!

In the middle part, Cool will show up as Abby’s best friend, but it turns out to be . . .

Also, the setting is set in a High School, so yea.

That’s it for the sneak peak. The movie will be likely be done in early or middle August.

It all depends on how well I’m doing at school. 😛 (I have a year-round school)

Shak – Picture Director

Aytan – VICE DIRECTOR & Ideas Giver

If you would like to be part of it, questions, or any ideas,

Please comment below to let Cloe & Aytan Know!

P.S. This movie is just DRAMA! Please DO NOT take this Seriously!

Official Trailer For Blog Love

Hey Guys, Cloe, the movie director here.

I’m here to announce an exciting news and that it . . .

The Official Trailer for Blog Love is here!!!

I am so proud of myself . . . LOL! Anyways, here’s the video:

IF you would like to be a part of it, questions, or ideas,

Please comment below to let Cloe know or see Cloe.

Shak – Picture maker for the movie . . . (not the trailer)

Aytan – IDK, but maybe he can be the idea giver if he agrees . . .

CYA Fans,

-Cloe, The Movie Director

EDIT By Abby- Abby Has a BF and Had Nothing to do with it and though she and marc were just friends. (Lolss)

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