Ok, Whoever Comments first

on the secret post above will earn a chance to use Arshak11

only Allstars on my blog alright so the thing will be how many views did we have on

June 21, 2012


you’ll get a password to Arshak11 and some more



Hey Athletes,

As you all know Action Allstars is retiring but, I Made new friends on another Virtual Game  really cool come on

lets all move on anyways Action Allstars was my favorite game ever I loved it so much that i got addicted to it

so i hope all of us can move on and play this game called  WoozWorld its probably 3d too, and there is chatting so

and it doesn’t let me make Arshak13 but my UserName is shakgotswaq try to make your avatar 13 or older so you can chat better

and try to make your Athletes name the same on aas or close to it Here’s a link to the website



I Wish all of you can make one well thats it for now and i’m just gonna take some pics on aas because that was a great website and i will miss it

Candy Versus

Hey Athletes,

As all of you know that Kit Kat Killed mr.Goodbar so this Time it will be Skittles Vs.  Almond Joy Woot Woot

So lets start


Almond Joy

This time commenters plus voting will earn 1,000 tokens in there pockets

but remember in the Finals winner takes 2,000 Grand home in there Pockets

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