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Hellloooo Just when I came on to Blog I Accidentally went to far down and saw that we just earned 20,000 Viewers Here look…

20,000 ViewersThis means alot to me because its my first ever blog and I did alot on this blog Becuase I started this blog 2 years and 3 Months ago Im not Kidding heres Proof.

Aye Aye CC:Anyways the start of the Blog started out with Me, Coolboy1000, Durant, Puc, JR, Ummm I forgot the rest Thanks for wasting a couple Minutes reading this.




Celtics win 6th straight.

Hello NBA Fans…

Celtics have now won their 6th Straight Game this time VS. the LA Lakers

which brought lots of attention to this game and It was Nationally Televised so the Celtics can prove what they really can do.

The Game’s score was 95-116 Celtics.

But Remember last time we had a 6 game winning streak we ended up losing 6 straight after but this time I hope we dont lose 6th straight and get a win against

a team like the Denver Nuggets on Monday Night.

We are only 3 games away from 4th and 3rd Place in the Conference we just need the Bulls to lose tonight against the Jazz and the Nets to lose

to the Washington Wizards lets hope it Happens so we can come closer! Thats all for today from me Peaceeeeeee!

Trade Rumors and Moreee.

A Brand new week of NBA Basketball Brings us A Brand new week of Drama…

Many Trade Rumors are Coming up like Kevin Garnett for Caron Butler and Bledsoe, But really I think these trades are pieces of shit.

Though we heard many stupid Deals the Memphis Grizzlies have been taking advantage and Traded their Best Player “Rudy Gay

to the  Toronto Raptors for Jose Calderon and Ed Davis, Three team trade which included the Detriot Pistons

Pistons gave out Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis and Recieved Ed Davis and Jose Calderon which Debuted 15 Points

against the New York Knicks.

NBA Teams Talk Now…
Lakers are on a little run and won a couple games but watch when Howard is back they’re going to lose a lot of games… in my opinion.
Celtics on the other hand are on 4 game winning streak and have beaten two good teams and 2 teams that are really struggeling and really need to pick up…
Keys throughout Celtics Season
  1. Keep Garnett on 20-29 Minute games
  2. Keep Pierce Consistant
  3. Bench Players step up
  4. Terry shoot more
  5. Get to Free Throw Line more I Guess
Thats all! Arshak13 signing out with Jeff Green’s Monster Dunk!

Amazing Game Heat-Celtics

Hello NBA Fans…

There are many news in the NBA,

One of them is Heat-Celtics and Ray Allen returning to Boston! Ray Allen scored 21 Points but that couldn’t help them win this Incredible Game…

The Sad thing is, is that Rajon Rondo (Best PG In the NBA) torned his ACL and Is out of the rest of the season, many say that Celtics should trade Garnett and Pierce but in my

Opinion without Rondo we are better team…

We beat Miami without him and Knicks we are still Championship Contenders and Can play just like the Chicago Bulls are playing without Rose.

Though we beat Miami I still Don’t Wanna play them in the Playoffs Im Fine if we play Pacers, Hawks, or Bucks in the Playoffs just not the Heat and Knicks we need to Knock

off the Easy teams then start getting Wins like we did last year.

shakgotswaq Signing out ! 😀



Hello Everybody,

I have Started to Stop the “War” That had been going on!!!

I’m Sorry Suns, Dalt, Shaq, and More

So at Woozworld

Me and Cloe Played a Basketball Game and I won 44-28 Here’s Some Pictures!  I was Laughing Because he said he gonna Catch up but

He wasn’t even Close! Marc, Me, see ya , and Cloe Would like to ask you to come join us?

It’s like Action Allstars It takes about a week to get used to it VIP is Cheaper its only 5.95 I think for a Month and a year is only

29.99 way Cheaper Then AAS right? AAS was 50.00! So Please Come and Join us it Does have Updates and it Does Have

Animators Like Refs. you get to have a Profile where you get to Write what you want in it like This take a Look!

We All miss you guys and Would like to join


Here’s a link It’s an Invitation From me to Woozworld Come and Join and Have fun!!


CloeSwaggerz, Shakgotswaq, Seeyagotswag,


Lol All of us have Swag in our names!


Stop Bossin us around!?

Hey Athletes,

Most of us Probably Don’t like getting Bossed around? But Mostly We all have gotten Bossed around BY ROAA (Gay Blog)

If you don’t want to get Bossed around how about just press Edit Comment Make Fun of them? If they have been mean to you or

said you have been Copying you

Pretty much me and Cloe ABBY BUT SHE LOVES ROAA ZAC and more have been getting bossed around look this what happend


“Zack, I hope you realize if you do any hacking for tokens on Sporstopia you will be banned right?”

-Reporters of Action Allstars Staff

Look at this if you don’t believe me

It’s just stupid Game that will be a Fail so DO NOT JOIN! Its for your own Guud, they Arn’t Pros like WOOZWORLD,

Woozworld is like almost Facebook!

Abby Can you stop Like putting people that are in ROAA (Gay’s) in your Guest Bloggers, They are Lamo’z

Look at this Comment also

Is that nice? NO and Zac always Loved REPORTERS OF ACTION ALLSTARS (Gay)


They got the Worst Blog ever and they don’t know how to post… IDC IF Anybody gets in my Way…

This Message is For Suns, Chef, Shaq, Dalt the Gay, Not smooth,Not Jok


Celtics-Thunder Recap Summer League!

Hey Athletes,

The Celtics Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 73-65

ORLANDO — Jared Sullinger scored 20 points off the bench for the Boston Celtics, leading them to a 73-65 win against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second game of Orlando Pro Summer League action.

Star player: Sullinger showed the brilliant offensive game that helped make him a projected lottery pick prior to the 2011 Draft. His stock plummeted in his second season at Ohio State, but NBA experts lauded the Celtics for scooping him up with the 20th overall pick in 2012. In just 24 minutes, Sullinger scored a game-best 20 points, and he did so efficiently: 6-of-12 from the field and 7-of-7 from the foul line. He scored the Celtics’ final six points of the third quarter, which proved crucial: the Thunder knocked just one point off Boston’s lead in the period as a result.

The biggest question with Sullinger is if he’ll be able to dominate the post at the NBA level as he did in the NCAA, and on Monday afternoon.

Honorable mention: Third-year forward Lazar Hayward missed his first seven shots from the floor, but rebounded in the second half to finish with 18 points on 4-of-14 shooting. Hayward’s drives to the rim weren’t always pretty, but the former Marquette standout managed to sink some layups in traffic and, more importantly, draw fouls.

Disappointing playerCole Aldrich, a former lottery pick, failed to impress for Oklahoma City. Starting at center, the third-year pro missed all four of his shots, committed three turnovers, and recorded just one blocked shot. His rebounding–seven in 31 minutes–is barely acceptable for a seven-footer. It’s not hard to understand why he’s made just 44 NBA appearances across his two seasons. He’ll turn 24 before the season starts and needs to improve on both sides of the ball, dramatically, if he’s to stick in the NBA.

Dishonorable mention: The Thunder’s three-man reserve unit of Ryan ReidMorris Almond, and Dwight Buycks missed nine of its 12 shots and scored six points, with five turnovers and no assists. Summer-league rosters aren’t typically deep with talent, but the Thunder will need much more from their bench going forward.

 This Photo was taken today at the Game

Jared Sully Owning the Thunder The Celtics Next Summer League game is Tommorow Against the Nets…

We’re Unstoppable!

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