miss you cute

man i wish cute was bck on here tht would be so nice for me but hey alot of things happen u no

sigh mike out

hey guys wat up

hey everybody wats been good its been a long time since i been on here and i miss everybdy i just wish they wasnt retiring and we can talk to ppl again tear but if u guys wanna hook me up ill be on psn wit my friends and my other good friend dayton so yall can add me on there my name on psn is Royal245 so hook me up iight pcc


hey peeps

how yall been its been a long time since i been on this blog aka i am meaning only a month so ya i missed some of u guys and guess wat omg i dont care if u deleted the comments so idk yy ur telling me like i give a care about the comments so ya how all of u guys doing i’m praying tht everybody is doing good and i hope actionallstars is doing better  ( i hope )

i am back ! ! ! !! !! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i guess i would come bck since shak said tht the refs might fix it so ya i am coming bck if it all goes well even tho i still got some ppl who dis like me aka omgiamcool  js ever since u got the mvp u been acting like a jerk  so if u wanna comment go ahead say some crap  but i am just keepin it real so ya




i am mike aka julian and i approve this msge

well ppl its my time to

Hey blogers and allstars i think i might quit to since we are all stuck on mother efer safe chat so ya i would like to thank all my friends




                             REF ZELLY


MIKE AKA JULIAN OUTT                                   P.S. I WILL STILL BE ON THE BLOG JS

ppl i hav something to tell u

ok warning if u see somebody like this


it is not shak so if u see him report it to me immedaitely

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