Cloe’s Retirement Letter…


Hey Everyone, this is Cloe. (This letter DOES NOT INVOLVE with Zac & mariola)

Yes, I am retiring… Goodbye everyone… I’m also quitting WW (WoozWorld)

I’ve really had a good time with you guys. Thank you.

I’m really glad that I had a chance to meet you guys.

You guys are the best people eva.

I just would like to say a few thing to some of you:

Gar/Homie: Goodbye bro. I really will miss you! I will always remember the fun times we had on WoozWorld. Thank you.

Seeya: Goodbye man. You’re the best. Never forget you in life!

Jr: Jr! Even though u don’t show up a lot anymore, but I hope u will see this! You are a great pal! And keep up ur blog! XD!

Aytan: Ty for everything. Never forget you.

Money: Still haven’t get my wooz, but it’s ok. šŸ™‚ Never forget u dude.

Abby: Even though u quitted! I saw ur draft for letting me not quit! Why did u quit too!!! What the fuck! You quit before me! Anyways, you’ve been a good friend to me.

Drew/Dttat: Hey drew I just wanna say ur a nice person! I won’t forget u!

Shak – Even though we had fights, but ur a good friend dude. I won’t forget you! Note: Remember not to turn gay Shak by wearing those girl clothes! roflol!

Ryan: Cousin!!!!!!!!!! Take care man!!!!!!!!!!!! I gonna miss ya!!!!!!!!!!! (bye waves)

Goodbye! I will be back someday next year!

P.S. I will post the movie up after I’m back and I added something special to it! XD!

P.P.S. I left have nothing to do with anyone. I just wanna pace myself and refresh myself a little.

I also wanna to slow things down a little… So yeah, nothing to do with anyone.


Remember! Stick man rocks! XDDD!



Ima quit WW…

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

I’m just here to say ima quit WW… I bet if I quit no one will care about it.

It’s just gets really boring on that, and just a waste of time in life.

I bet I can do better things instead of going on WW.

I might change my mind, but most likely not.

Goodbye people, eventhough I will still be postin and stuff.



Ayeeo Abby here!!

For your Information…

I will be on vacation starting next week….so I will not be posting………

Please don’t kick me off your blogs…..

Btw…I will not be doing Newz4U!!!

I will be coming back about a week or 3 weeks later…

Pc from Abbster2!!

Newz4U 4-6

Hello Athletes !!

Abby here!! With Newz4U!

  1. MariolaĀ pretending to be RefMarsĀ AND Jok34!! Watch Out!! You Could Be Next!!
  2. Check out this page to get a FREE Sig!!
  3. Are you Watching the Olympics? USA currently have 61 Medals!!
  4. Check out Zace’s new Blog….
  5. Have you seen the New Movie…Blog Love?!?! Made by Cloe..andĀ Starring ME!! Here’s the trailer..

Pc from Abbster2

Btw…if you have any IMPORTANT news that you would like to tell me so that I could put it in the article NEXT week…then just comment below.

Abby’s Awesome Song

Hello Abby here!!

I’ve got a little poem for (you know who)

BTW…I don’t hate her becuzĀ i don’t know her…But Ik some of you do..

Well all of you know the dreidel song right?

So this is my re-mix..

dreidel,dreidel,dreidel, I made it out of glass..

and when its dry and ready…I’ll shove it up your @$$!!

Lolss!! Thank Thank YOu YOU very Much!!

Pc from Abbster2 šŸ˜›

Ending Of Movie…?

Hello Pplz!! Abby here!!

What do you think the ending of Cloe’s movie Will BE?

Pc from your VERY OWN Star of the Movie…

Abby šŸ˜›

Olympic Updates: Medals

Hello People…Abby here!!

Here is a Pic of the Medals…

(Click on it to see a closer view)

Who do you want to WIN!?!

Do you think the USA Will Catch Up?!!

Pc from Abbster2

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