Sneak Peak Time

Hey Guys, Cloe, the movie director here!

Did you guys like the trailer? Well, I do. (LOL!)

Anyways, today I’m here to do a sneak peak on the movie.

Basically, what this movie is about is two girls (Abby & Best) went to a party and they met a boy (Marc.) They both fell in love with Marc, but Marc chose Abby.

Then, one day, Marc cheated on Abby with a girl (Best.) but Abby and Best don’t know that. Until one day, Abby asked Best, “Who’s your boyfriend?” then Best replied and said Marc is her boyfriend. That’s where the fight all started . . .

This movies pretty unpredictable, the end will be very surprising!

In the middle part, Cool will show up as Abby’s best friend, but it turns out to be . . .

Also, the setting is set in a High School, so yea.

That’s it for the sneak peak. The movie will be likely be done in early or middle August.

It all depends on how well I’m doing at school. 😛 (I have a year-round school)

Shak – Picture Director

Aytan – VICE DIRECTOR & Ideas Giver

If you would like to be part of it, questions, or any ideas,

Please comment below to let Cloe & Aytan Know!

P.S. This movie is just DRAMA! Please DO NOT take this Seriously!


One Response

  1. Yo, I was waiting till you started give me stuff to take a pic of stuff?
    Plus i already got some pictures, but aint ready
    And go To WW Blog Only Reporters XAT when you get on Wooz tell me when you can get on the XAT iight?

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