This is Weird

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

Recently you all know Jok created a blog right?

Well . . . I sent him an email to his email address,

And the name says Fernanda Diaz(Mariola) . . .

(Click For a Better View)

May this just be a whole big trick by Mariola?

What do you guys think about this?


WoozWorld New Hack in Progress

Hello Woozens & Athletes!

Ok These are the Following rules!

1. Go to your Movez section

2. Press any Move

3. Press the Manni Only when the manni is Open or in place where you can get to

4. Then Boom you got the Manni From Distance…

Here’s a Pic!


And this in meh Sexi Cloths rofl

BTW That is dalt there…

Peace and 


Sneak Peak Time

Hey Guys, Cloe, the movie director here!

Did you guys like the trailer? Well, I do. (LOL!)

Anyways, today I’m here to do a sneak peak on the movie.

Basically, what this movie is about is two girls (Abby & Best) went to a party and they met a boy (Marc.) They both fell in love with Marc, but Marc chose Abby.

Then, one day, Marc cheated on Abby with a girl (Best.) but Abby and Best don’t know that. Until one day, Abby asked Best, “Who’s your boyfriend?” then Best replied and said Marc is her boyfriend. That’s where the fight all started . . .

This movies pretty unpredictable, the end will be very surprising!

In the middle part, Cool will show up as Abby’s best friend, but it turns out to be . . .

Also, the setting is set in a High School, so yea.

That’s it for the sneak peak. The movie will be likely be done in early or middle August.

It all depends on how well I’m doing at school. 😛 (I have a year-round school)

Shak – Picture Director

Aytan – VICE DIRECTOR & Ideas Giver

If you would like to be part of it, questions, or any ideas,

Please comment below to let Cloe & Aytan Know!

P.S. This movie is just DRAMA! Please DO NOT take this Seriously!

Official Trailer For Blog Love

Hey Guys, Cloe, the movie director here.

I’m here to announce an exciting news and that it . . .

The Official Trailer for Blog Love is here!!!

I am so proud of myself . . . LOL! Anyways, here’s the video:

IF you would like to be a part of it, questions, or ideas,

Please comment below to let Cloe know or see Cloe.

Shak – Picture maker for the movie . . . (not the trailer)

Aytan – IDK, but maybe he can be the idea giver if he agrees . . .

CYA Fans,

-Cloe, The Movie Director

EDIT By Abby- Abby Has a BF and Had Nothing to do with it and though she and marc were just friends. (Lolss)


Hello Athletes!! Abby here!!

I am starting a new segement called: Newz4U!!

Bascially, it is the TOP 5 Exciting things that are going on every week.

  1.  What’s Up with the movie? Lol!! Marc likes Best and thinks I’m Cute? 😯 (Cough Taken)
  2.  The RoAA Revealed The Abl Schdule and Standings.
  3.  Zack’s Hack for WoozWorld is Finally done…But can you download it??
  4.  The Olympics Are Starting…(my Fav thing to Watch!!)……..Will you watch it?
  5.  Aytan’s Grudge Match 1 is Finished….Think you can win Grudge Match 2?

Pc from Abbster2 😛

how to do this

hello i came here to ask cloe how to do something

how do u guys put the things beside ur blog

like shak put “no copying us reporters of action allstars”

for example

heres a pic for the example

so can u plz tell me how to do it

thx cloe

ROAA Joinz Wooz For AABL SL

Hello Woozenz Athletes,

Since you guys thought Wooz is gay

ROAA Joins WOOZWORLD I havn’t asked them if they love WW yett but they probably like it!

haha here’s a pic!

And Funny Pic

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