Free Sigs Give Out!!!

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

I just wanna ask you guys if anyone of ya needs a new sig!

Here’s an example of mine:

I can put anything you want for the sigs. They are all free!

You can order as many as you want, as long it’s not like a number like this:

999999999999999! This is just crazy . . . I can never make sigs with that huge amount, ok?

CYA Guys!!! 😉



Little league update (my team)

Hey athletes drew here with a little league update on my team and so I made Allstars this year in baseball (3rd time in a row) and our first game against a team called vassar we lost 13-5 I went 1-3 RBI single and pitched 3 innings 7 hits 4 runs and 6 K’s and 0 walks the second game we played of the double elimination tourney we beat and eliminated southern 16-6 I went 2-3 2 RBI double a RBI single a walk and a K so we play today still in the losers bracket we play whyburn today at 4 so wish me luck and I’m pitching so I hope I do good this team is ok and they got smashed in there opening game too 12-0 thats all from here peace from drew

Very Very Great News!!!!B

 Will Return to Boston for not 1, not 2, But 3 Years! now The Celtics have a pretty Good roster they got good picks in the lottery everybody hopes that they win the Finals this year and we will win 3 straight will be

the first team to have 20 championshipz now Celtics have another thing to do

and that will be RESIGNING Brandon Bass and Ray Allen so if we do get them back this will look like our roster

Name                               NO.                Position

Kevin Garnett                   #5                      C

Paul Pierce                          #34                   SF

Brandon Bass                      #30                 PF

Rajon Rondo                       #9                    PG

Ray Allen                                #20                SG

Ray Allen is in there because He is healthy and Celtics need a better second and third Unit

and if your the Heat you guys won’t be partying because well be partying in your face xD

Arshak13 Signing out !

Wooz World Blog???!!!

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

Recently, Garnett (HomieDawg) was thinking about making a blog,

About WoozWorld, and He really made it! It’s Awesome! Come Check it Out!

Here’s the url to blog:

Me and Shak are on it, It’s Really Cool! Check it out!

CYA Gamers There!


hey guys wat up

hey everybody wats been good its been a long time since i been on here and i miss everybdy i just wish they wasnt retiring and we can talk to ppl again tear but if u guys wanna hook me up ill be on psn wit my friends and my other good friend dayton so yall can add me on there my name on psn is Royal245 so hook me up iight pcc


The Winner of The Trivia is . . .

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

The Winner of this Round’s Trivia is . . . (Drums)

Conner012367!!! (Clap Clap Clap)

Congratz Corn! You Will Be a Guest Blogger on My Blog For a Week!

And Comment Below To Decide Which kind of Sports Do You Want For The Next Round of Trivia!!!

Here are the answers:

  1. Nelson Cruz

  2. Boston Red Sox

  3. San Deigo Padres

  4. San Francisco Giants

  5. 1867

CYA Sports Gurus!

Athlete Versus!! R2

Hey Guyss!! Abby here!! Ik your excited to see who won the Athlete’s Versus Round 1!!

YOLO!! lol!!

Ok here are the winners from round 1!!







Best and Shake were a tie!!

Congratz all you winners….you will now be advancing to round 2!!

Dttat Vs Jbear15

Shak vs Cloe

Chef vs Smooth

Dalt vs Kool98

Best vs Shake (again since it was a tie)

Gar vs Corn

Brett vs Nick

Sang vs Aytan

also check out nick’s blog……………………………..

Thanks guys!! Pc from Abbster2 😛

Stay Tuned!!


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