The Bet

Hey Guys,

Cloe here. So I had just created a page to Cheer For the Heat for Champs on my blog.

Then Shak say if the Celtics win the Champs, I will owe him 10,000 tokens.

So I accepted The Bet. But! If the Celtics lost, Shak will owe me the same deal.

And the Heat won 2 in a row! Go Heat!

Note: If you predict/comment any team and they Win the Champs,

You Will Recieve 5,000 Tokens Prize!

So Hurry Up Today and Comment Your Thought!!!


suns is a little dick

Ok i swear you know sunsfan3 his actual name is sunsgirl3

he thinks he’s all that but he not he thinks he’s the actual owner of



and i know chef

but he will never be cooler then us cuz he is fucken lame and gay

A Day To Remember Our Soldiers

Hey Guys,

As you know, today is Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a day to remember our Soldiers who fought in the Civil War and other wars.

Here’s a video:



Happy Memorial Day Guys,


Check Out One of Our PAGES!

Hey Athletes, Check out our


heres a link

Its the Boston Celtics The Association

and ill post the Part 2 one Next week or soon!

Weird thing on the iPod 4 and do u think this is a ghost?

Hey athletes dttat here with some weird font that is like night vision anyway this works on only the iPod 4 click the home button 3 times really quickly and everything turns different colors anyway here is a preview

20120527-152410.jpgand here is the ghost thing

20120527-184807.jpgI think it’s a ghost look behind the hand and u will see do u think it’s a ghost or reflection

Ultimate Funniest Sports Bloopers!

This is so halirious!

Funniest Sports Bloopers Ever!

I like the part at the begining.

What’s Yours?


most epic thing ever


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