well ppl its my time to

Hey blogers and allstars i think i might quit to since we are all stuck on mother efer safe chat so ya i would like to thank all my friends




                             REF ZELLY


MIKE AKA JULIAN OUTT                                   P.S. I WILL STILL BE ON THE BLOG JS


16 Responses

  1. Oh Em Ge!

    • yep sang its true

  2. bye bro im quitting too

  3. Ima going to miss you mike i’m quitting as well cya!!!!!!!

    • Bye guys ill never forget any of you thanks for everything.You guys are the best I will never ever forget you I never tought a day would come when we would say good bye to each other.I hope all of u reach your goals I wish u guys the best in your lives.I hope I was a good friend to all of u if I wasn’t I’m sorry.

      • thank u cute i will reach my goal in life and Amen


  5. man you were cool also mike thanks for being a good friend to me i knew this day was going to come and it did ok mike you got a facebook? add me i am arshak abelyan alright

    • shak u were cool also u were the best friend i ever had in the aas and plus u are awesome more than awesome u are beasty and ima try to get a facebook

  6. Yo Chop dont quit man!

  7. Goodbye cute shak mike pucc nearly 99.1 percent of aas

  8. I am not .9 of aas lolz neither is kool TBB na na and a few others who staying

  9. im quitting to……..it sucks

  10. lol broski u said my name twice see yah soon broski

  11. ok

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