Well my time is up!!

Well people its confirmed i’m quitting sooner then my MVP goes away i wont to thank all the people  who helped me get it. and thank you to all my friends for make me stay on this game if it wasn’t for some of you i would have quit along time ago.. I have alot of good friends i will come back on every once in a blue moon but now it is time for me to start getting ready for baseball season start running and working out to get pumped for swimming  i plan to go far this season i wont to go to All Stars this season for baseball and i wont to break five records. so maybe it is a good time to be quit.. I wont to thank all of my friends.   \

Arshak13 (best friend) aka Bff












and many more people very old people you wouldn’t know so well Good BYE ACTIONALLSTARS!!!!!!!! i will be on quick hit alot well as much as i can that is…. i’m not giving pucc to any one because he is so rare well Good Bye athletes i will miss you all i will post some times on this blog and that’s mostly it like once a month or some thing like that well Bye!!!!!!!!!



12 Responses

  1. Oh Em Ge!

    • Rofl you awsome sang i will never forget you!!

  2. i love you man not in a gay way like in a brother way got that,
    i can’t believe you are quiting man i miss the old days it was fun when we could chat now action allstars is a dump

  3. dude ikr i cant wait to get a facebook i thing i’m getting one after my birthday which is not very soon but oh well

  4. AND A MEH

  5. Thanks Puc U too

    • thx man

  6. pucc it says your ”singing out” are you really singing ? LOL and ima about to get on quickhit in 20 minutes

    • nop i’m not singing lol

  7. Np!

  8. SHAK U FORGOT 2 WRITE ME ( jk cya shak )

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