girls will come and go

yes ppl girlss tht u like on aa or in real it wont last it my turn out  they like u and u like her  a couple of yrs later  she will leave or somthing so tht is wat i hav to say iight pcc


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  1. coughs you like cute

  2. LOL shak!!

  3. Thts rite mike lik a girl I met she dumped me after like tree months now she bc NAB ROX UR SOX

  4. ikr i have dated girls on here and they all leave me in less than a month for no reason and i get mad i wonder whats the point any more?

  5. Dude,guys,boys,friends listen its not only girls there are boys like that too.For example I got dumped yesturday lol.

    • wow fail lol just kiddin

      • 🙂 oh what ever …….that was a joke corn??????

    • lol YES THANK U !

    • lol ur right it go’s both ways

      • well duh i goes both ways lol

  6. yes it was why do u think i said jk?

    • i ment it fail on me lol

  7. Yup so u boys don’t just blame it on girrls cuz my case I wasn’t the one who smacked someones butt and its not my fault I got dumped its his fault! Rofl

    • i not blaming it on u girls at all… u know what why do u guys do weird and awkward posts like this? wonders….

      • well it was orlando who did tht js

  8. well still….

  9. LOL idk corn I’m hyper and when I’m hyper I say weird things which in ur opinion is awk.And thanks mike for telling them who I was talking about and corner u can just ignore me lol thank you for you attention

    • i dont want to ignore u and i was just sayin ok cuz this is the second weird post made on here

      • Oh well I’m srry 😦 if u dnt like it I won’t comment on anything anymore

  10. i am not saying that u shouldn’t comment on here its just ugh idk its hard to explain

    • Ik ur not and u can’t make me NOW GOODBYE HAVE A NICE AND NOT AWK DAY!

      • fine right back at u

      • lol hi cute

  11. lol hi mike

    • lol nm jc u hehe

      • Nothing I was dancing lol 🙂

      • lol well tht was cool

  12. Haha yes it was but its not really cool when your dance teacher tells you , that you have to dance a solo and u alredy have 2 of them

    • ROFL

      • Hey its true lol.Mike I’m srry that I was mean and you still didn’t tll me if its ok or if its not ok.I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings I’m srry </3.What can I do to make you feel better plese tell me I don't want you to be mad at me. 😦

  13. you guys have interesting convos !!

    • rofl wow best

      • Lmao its trruuuueeeeeee

  14. i have had some decent relationships myself i went out with shake for like the whole summer i went out with cool girl ( some help by shake) and this other i forgot who it was though but still

  15. Thank you Best what can we say its a talent! Lol

    • Lol smh chica!!!!!!!!!

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