NBA Finals Champs!?

Hey athletes,

As you see the title of the Post I May have found the Real NBA Finals Predictions I also think

this is not a lie this Must be the Real Bracket

If you see I got a Bracket  I will Show you the Picture in just a moment

I don’t want to ruin the Bracket by telling you i want you guys to see it yourselfs

i’ll give ya A Hint

This Team Starts with a “C”

My favorite Team

Has 17 Championships

Bill Russell, and Larry Legend Played on this team and now Three former Hall Of Famers are trying to Win their


This team is playing the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs and are losing the Series right now We All know they will come back and win the series

Here’s the Bracket

(Click on it for a Better View)

I Also Agree with the Bracket and if you agree with Me

(Comment for a Chance of 1,000 tokens)

Just put your Athlete name if it’s Wrong your athlete might not get tokens well if the Celtics win and you chose the Celtics

You will earn the

(1,000 tokens)

but if they lose NO TOKENS! Alright thank you for your time I Appreciate it

Arshak13 signing out With Lexi


Random pic of me

Hey athletes dttat here so I was sitting in bed watching the NFL draft and I decided to take a pic of myself


i am back ! ! ! !! !! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i guess i would come bck since shak said tht the refs might fix it so ya i am coming bck if it all goes well even tho i still got some ppl who dis like me aka omgiamcool  js ever since u got the mvp u been acting like a jerk  so if u wanna comment go ahead say some crap  but i am just keepin it real so ya




i am mike aka julian and i approve this msge

All the u should know bout me

Aloha guys surferdude30 here and today I am telling u everything bout me k

Real name : mickel

Height :157cm


And my ages is higher than 12 higher l

I like hanging out with my friend and yea having fun and I get angry easy k

Sports stats

The sport I play is soccer for a team called spears
Fav nba team :Chicago Bulls

Fav MLB team :San fransico giants

Fav nfl team :New England Patriots

Knowledge stats

I am a A student always get A and B I am smart but very bad I get ppl angry at me easy well guys

Here’s a pic of


Our world rocks and my user is cbullsfan

I’m returning

Hey athletes,

I have sent action allstars a Email they said they “MIGHT” put back the chatting; its because on action allstars we started Cursing alot so they made us take a break from Cursing alot and the lag could go away because we like chatting on it So i have decided to stay with some other people i encourage you guys to stay also and if we can’t chat yett

Make a Quick hit here’s a link:

When we get on aas we see each other then we say  “Crank up the Noise” that could remind us to get on Quick hit to chat It’s free to make a Quick Hit that game is also cool 

while your playing a person you can Chat at the same time! you get to make your own team and manage and Compete other teams

My User Name on Quick Hit is Arshak13 add me when you Look thru Coach Search and my picture is my Athlete on Action All-stars

Here’s a picture

You’ll get Hang of it !!!! so just Make an account AND Crank Up the Noise

Arshak13 Signing out!

Rapping battle

Hey people dttat here with something that is globally trending is between 8 year old tapping kid sensation and YouTube sensation Mattyb and this new 7 year old kid named L.J. And anyway I think Mattyb is better because he actually rapps and he looks cooler Lj just looks like a gangster anyway I want u to vote they both are on YouTube Mattyb name on YouTube is mattybraps and Lj is well Lj anyway and also a website for Mattyb is this kids not that bad of a rapper and song writter at the age of 8 he was also on dr Phil and today show new years edition 2012 anyway vote I’m posting from my IPod so I can’t make a poll so just comment ur favorite rapper peace from a tired dttat it’s 11:17 here

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