Song Vs

Remember my old song vs its coming back once again This week

the songs will be  better then before so here’s up the song Called “No Sleep”

  And here’s


 here’s my Trading card i got bored 


Guys I will be posting like crazy anyways! here is a new CAPTION that!

Hey men and women!

Whats up guys garnett888 here A special thanks to Arshak13 for being nice and putting me on his blog!


Monkeys and Donkeys will rule the world tommorrow!


(thats my new good bye)

Just Bored

Haha hey i am bored so i took some pics

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sup ppls

hey ppls how yall been its been a long time since  i been on here so i just came here to say hi rofl

Where am i

Guess where am i!

Im here with a mystery athlete!

Hey i know its kinda abbster2 who does these stuff like mystery athlete mixed athlete caption that and all that kind of things but this time its jrcasarez whos doin it i made it soo hard! idk this guy but i jus saw him and decided to do this!

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