pro players

Who is your favorite pro player or players which ever sport MLB NFL NBA NHL mine are

MLB: madason bumgarner from THE SF Giants!

NFL: Victor Cruz from the Ny giants!

NHL: Andrew Ference from the boston bruins!

NBA: David lee from the Golden state Warriors!

(post in comments who your favorite player (players) or what ever)



8 Responses

  1. Mlb: Manny ramiraz i think Oakland A’s

    Nfl: DeSean Jackson From Eagles!

    Nhl: Same As Puc Andrew Ference Go Boston Bruins

    Nba: Ray Allen Boston Celtics !

    Celtics a beast! East is a bEast

  2. Manny Ramiraz is on Oakland i should know cuz i go to A’s game alot

  3. LOL U Do? awesome

  4. yeah my friends dad has season tickets and i go with them allot i live close to the stadium!!!!!

    • btw did you ever think that taio cruz is related to victor cruz???

  5. Mlb: Nelson Cruz!!! from the Texas Rangers

    Nfl: Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons

    Nhl: Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins

    Nba: Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma city Thunder!


  7. eh i don’t go that much any more. More when we where younger but we still some time’s and to warriors game and raiders but not often.

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