AAFL Sports

Hey Athletes,

Suns Here this is this weeks season openers schedule enjoy!

Sunday Games

Broncos @ Cardinals

This game will be held at The University of Phoenix Stadium (SunsFan3′s Turf)

@ 6:00 EST Sports Fans Only Server might go to Court Server depending on lag.

Steelers @ Saints

This game will be held at The Super Dome (Coolguy174′s Turf)

@ 7:00 EST Sports Fans Only Server might switch to Court Server depending lag.

The Patriots and The Unknown Team Have a BYE Week!

Here are the current rosters as of January 28, 2011 okay here they are

Cardinals: SunsFan3, Dalton0521, Eisner24, Jok34, Smooveguy6, RYGUY832

Broncos: TBB,DXBeast22,Omgiamcool,Brett297

Saints: Coolguy174, Yourboy911, Needs more players comment if you want to join his team

Steelers: ShaqOneal14, Needs more players comment if you want to join his team

Patriots: Chaddydog17, Needs more players comment if you want to join this team

Unknown Team: This will be…

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